Jason Bach has been drawing comics for as long as he can remember. He grew up in Oregon dreaming of being a famous newspaper cartoonist like Bill Watterson. Newspapers are dying now but the dream is still going strong online!




How often does the site update?


As of right now, the site updates whenever I have time to make a comic—which is not as often as I'd like, unfortunately. But the cartoons don't pay the bills (yet), and I do have to eat every now and then.


Do you do commissioned work?


Why yes I do. I am a starving artist (see above response) and if you're willing to pay me money to draw pictures for you, then I am most willing to consider it, so feel free to shoot me an e-mail! The more money I get from cartoons, the more cartoons I can do—so it's a win-win, really!


How do you draw your cartoons?


I draw my cartoons on Bristol board with a sable brush and India ink. I use a technical pen for the frames, word bubbles, and dialogue. I have a calligraphy nib for odds and ends. Sometimes I'll shade or color the strip in Photoshop, and if I'm feeling really adventurous I'll try my hand at watercolor. Very low tech but I like it that way.


How did you decide to start doing Catholic comics?


In 2013, I posted this St. Valentine's Day cartoon to my personal Facebook page. It was a one-off, almost throwaway joke, but to my enormous surprise it went viral, getting shared over 4000 times. This made me think that maybe there was an under-served niche for more Catholic cartoons. So I put together a few more and people keep reading them so I keep making them! Not my plan but it seems to be working out well!


What is your educational background? Did you major in art?


Actually, I did not. I majored in Spanish at Oregon State University,  and after a few years wandering in the professional wilderness went back to pursue a Master's of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary in New Jersey. As for art, I took a drawing class in high school but am almost entirely self-taught (for better or worse.)


What is your favorite comic?


Calvin and Hobbes. My older brother's C&H books were the first comics that I can remember reading, and Bill Watterson has been by far the biggest influence on my own style (which I think is pretty obvious.) I also like The Far Side, Bloom County, and Doonesbury. As for webcomics, I'm a pretty big fan of Kate Beaton's Hark! A Vagrant.

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